The Growing Importance of Design Elements in Photography

I participated in my first art show in 2019 as part of my graduation requirement. My project consisted of 8 16×20 photography prints (some of which are included in my portfolio) that examined the correlation between design elements and our perception of any given space and object.

I decided to focus on design in architecture in Downtown Chicago. I wanted each image to have a closed composition where the viewer could see just enough of the image to understand what they were looking at. But I wanted to exclude the surrounding environment so that viewers would focus on the design itself. Here’s an example:

Chicago architecture with building reflection

Design Elements and Photography

Doing this project opened my eyes to the growing importance of reinforcing design in photography. But not just with this project, but in everything that I shoot.

Even when I’m shooting product photography for a client, the shapes that I introduce, how I light the product design, and the negative space I incorporate matter in terms of how we view that particular product.

These design elements are also important when I’m shooting travel work for brands. In order to truly capture the viewer’s attention, I have to consider what’s in the frame. Things like color, shape, scale, and leading lines all impact how an environment influences our perception.

In a lot of ways, 2021 feels like a continuation of 2020. These trying times have made me think more about the impact of my work and how I can better incorporate different design elements to communicate with my audience through my work.

How has everyday design impacted you in everyday life? Thinkin about the answer to this question can be hard at first because I think that many of us do not realize the role design elements play in our life.

I’m currently preparing to launch my online store where I’ll be selling digital photographs and physical prints available for purchase.

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